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Camping Rules

  • After arrival and unloading, all vehicles must be moved to the designated car parks as vehicles are not permitted to be parked beside tents/caravans.
  • Strictly no open fires, campfires, BBQ’s, gas stoves or lamps on site.
  • Please respect the site curfew between 2am and 8am.
  • If you want to stay up late, please respect those who are trying to sleep. Remember that noise carries across a campsite at night.
  • Please do not bring glasses or glass bottles onto the Social site.

Site Rules

  • No speeding. Observe the 10mph site speed limit at all times.
  • Wristbands must be put on arrival at the gate and worn throughout the weekend. Anyone on site without a wristband may be ejected.
  • No crossing into any area that has been marked out of bounds.
  • Please respect the boundaries and stay within the site grounds
  • Please car pool wherever possible.
  • No parking on the roads surrounding the Social site.
  • Exhibitors are permitted two 30L refuse sacks to be disposed of by site management. Any excess to be disposed of by the Exhibitor.

Exhibitor Rules

  • Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees or individual tents at any time.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of refuse produced by their activities. This includes exhibits and parts of booth structures.
  • No bars or consumption of alcohol in the Pavilion areas.
  • No canvassing, flyering or otherwise promoting your brand beyond the limits of your booth.
  • You register for tickets via your account on the Summer Social web portal
  • Summer SocialLtd, staff and their agents reserve the right to request proof of ID.
  • If a ticket is duplicated, all holders of the ticket may be ejected from site.