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More about Pallet Delivery

Arrivals: Please arrange your pallet deliveries to our local logistics partner Aaron of Oxford Logistics depot who will hold your pallets on our behalf and deliver them to us as a full load on a scheduled time slot in advance of your arrival.  This helps us to minimise the number of HGV’s visiting the site and ensures we receive the correct vehicle size appropriate for the location. Our team will then get your pallet directly to your stand and it will be waiting for you when you arrive.  We will collect & store your pallet and rubbish once you have unpacked it.

Returns: Pack/Wrap /Label your pallet on your booth and the site team will collect it and move it to the storage area.

Send to: TBC

Arrival between: Earliest Thursday 29th July & Tuesday 3rd August latest

Collect from: TBC

Collect between: Earliest Wednesday 11th August & Friday 13th August latest

Please use the pallet service above or bring your items with you.  We would like to minimise as much traffic to and from the site during the leadup to the event.  Don’t leave organising what you need to the last minute. 

3rd Party suppliers

If you are booking display stands, furniture, games, or any other equipment provided by a third party company, you must book this in with us by email with full details to Please ask the company to contact us regarding delivery to site in advance.