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Platinum Sponsor - Giant Tipi

Stand Out and be Outstanding.

The fabulous Giant Tipi is a wonderous and unique space with an energy all their own that vibrates with its natural surroundings of the Oxfordshire countryside. These exclusive Giant Tipis are warm and welcoming by day and chilled and seductive by night, they provide the base for your team throughout the weekend and the foundation to represent your company, brand and products.  Go the extra mile ad create a feature with your space that encourages customer engagement, with games, competitions, spot prizes.  And be imaginative, come on now you cand do much better that giving away stock, sample packs and standard shop merch.  Your current customers are surrounded by the stuff all day long and it won’t win over new customers either. Try to make it inclusive not exclusive.  Please No Bars in Platinum Giant Tipi’s.

By way of virtuous good fortune and favourable choice to accept the position as Platinum Sponsor, you shall be rewarded with the following exquisite repertoire of sublime delights:

  • A single Giant Tipi, as described subsequently.
  • Prime location in the most desirable area of the estate with vistas of other such discerning enterprise.
  • Regular posters pinned to all our notice boards throughout the kingdom and across the seas promoting your fine wares and jolly disposition.
  • Pallet delivery without charge
  • Up to 10 company representatives, choose wisely!
  • Banner space on the Great Wall

Our Giant Tipis are provided by our most excellent partners Katah Events. They are top of their game in terms of their stock and service and are the only Tipi company that provide fully lined products. Working together we have developed this concept further to provide full colour branding of these linings. A first anywhere in the world, making them truly unique.

The standard Giant Tipi is supplied as follows:

  • 1 x Giant Tipi with ‘3-up’ opening
  • Full floor covering using industry standard woven matting (a reusable product with long life expectancy)
  • 2 x Internal Uplighter package – can be multi or fixed colour.
  • Warm white ‘fairy’ lighting around the open section and exposed poles.
  • 2 x 4 gang socket banks (max 2 x 10Amps).

The Tipi is an exceptional structure that can support heavy weights from the centre if you needed to.  Please contact us if you require anything hanging from top-centre and we can make arrangements during erecting.  

The Tipi is an exceptional structure that can support heavy weights from the centre if you needed to. Please contact us if you require anything hanging from top-centre and we can make arrangements during erecting.

You Must NOT fix into any of the structure with screws, nails, pins or any other physical fixing when hanging or mounting equipment or promotional materials or use any form of adhesive.
You can tie around the framework with rope, cord, cable ties or similar that won’t damage the frame or covers in any way. You are liable for any damaged caused. We are on hand to offer any advice as required. It is better to check first.

Extra Power

If your displays or activities require additional power capacity this can be arranged. Please get in contact to discuss you plans and requirements.
Enhance your Tipi to the max by having custom full-colour printed panel designs. The process is super easy. We will provide your design team with the templates needed to produce unique designs based on your products and brand or of those that you represent. We take it from there and have your designs printed in high quality full colour on professional fabric by a specialist company that we have worked with for years that produce large scale event graphics. They are then cut, eyeletted and delivered to site in advance for Katah to install them, ready for your arrival. We will also take them down after the show and store them safely ready for future events.
There are two different panel shapes, ones that are for the top and ones that are for the bottom.

Panel type A (Top) total number of panels that can be branded 9 (all) @ £165.00 each plus vat.
Panel type B (Bottom) total number of panels that can be branded 5 @ £105.00 each plus vat.

A full branding would be a total cost of £2010.00 plus vat. You can choose how many and which panels to brand but we suggest going all the way for maximum impact.  Have a look at these fantastic ideas by Platinum Sponsors past and present….