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Booth Details

Main Pavilion Booth space (Marquee)

The Main Pavilion is a marketplace full of great brands and fantastic people.  A covered yet airy clear-span marquee provides rows of exhibition space divided into sections of either 3m x 3m of 6m x 3m with wide internal walkways linking them all together.

Inside the Main Marquee

Each booth size, 3mx3m or 6mx3m has side walls, back walls, sloping roof and carpet. Open front to walk way.
Booths are supplied with 230vac power: 3x3m 2-gang 5amp UK plug socket. 6mx3m 4-gang 10amp UK plug sockets. Please ask if you require EU-UK plug adapters, they are provided for free. Power source is from site diesel generators, be wary of surge sensitive devices. If your displays or activities require additional power capacity this can be arranged. Please get in contact to discuss you plans and requirements.

We recommend providing your own frame or stand on which to hang or hold your equipment. We also recommend that valuable items are attached securely. Please do not leave valuable items unattended on your stand such as personal belongings and tech. Please remember to take these with you at the end of the day along with your phone charger!.

The Pavilion has a regular security presence throughout the day but not unnecessarily so. At night there is a constant presence patrolling from 5pm right through the night until the following day and returning back to day time patrols when the show opens. Please assist our staff and security team in vacating the Main Pavilion as quickly as possible at the end of the day so it can be closed and secured. Once closed there is no re-entry until 9am. Please keep displays and good within the boundary of your booth and keep walkways clear at all times.
See full terms and conditions for the full list of dos and donts. The main points are highlighted at the end of this document.

Outside Booth Space: 6mx3m BlueGazebo

  • 1 x 6m x 3m Blue gazebo with full weather resistant covers (roof and all walls with rollup front.  6m edge = front opening)
  • Carpet
  • 1 x 4-gang UK power socket

Outside Booth Space: 6mx6m Matrix Tent

  • 1 x 6x6m Matrix Tent with full weather resistant covers and high pointed roof, removable front door panel.
  • carpet
  • 2 x 4-gang UK power socket
  • 1 x Light